Sunday, June 9

Baby, Baby, Baby...

I haven't written a post yet, although I've often thought about it. Obviously, I spontaneously write... there is no rhyme or reason for it, other than suddenly getting inspired. A baby can do that.

We found out we were pregnant {March fifth}, although we had to confirm one positive test with three more revealing the same double line and "pregnant" screen. We had to wait {March twentieth} for my first doctors appointment, then the following week had my first ultrasound! We announced to our family and a few friends that we were expecting {March twenty-seventh}. That waiting period of twenty-two days was killer. ugh. It finally felt real after that. A month later {April twenty-fourth} we told the world!

I haven't been sick {ok, I've thrown up five times}, nothing about my life has really altered... other than not drinking wine and eating lunch meat. So far at 19 weeks, I've only gained two or three pounds. And some days my baby bump looks popped and huge, and other days I feel like I'm as skinny as ever.

I've been going baby book crazy. Mainly because we made the decision to not find out the gender, and there's only so much I can be doing to prepare right now. I'm eagerly awaiting my baby showers so that room decorating and nesting may begin.

Books I've bought:
- What to Expect When Your Expecting {cliche and a staple book}
- On Becoming: Baby Wise {about scheduling and getting infant to sleep through the night}
To Train Up a Child {haven't read}
- The Happiest Baby on the Block {great for first 3 months}
- Simply Baby: An Invaluable Quick Reference to Infants
Making Children Mind WIthout Losing Yours
Most of these are about giving babies consistency and "training" them in order to encourage their happiness and put their insecurities at peace. I'm excited to get studying and reading about raising our babe.

eight weeks.

twelve weeks.

fifteen weeks.