Sunday, November 13

The Low Country.

Clearly now that I'm living in the low country I've adopted the Southern lifestyle. The livin' is slow and easy here, so I'll credit that as my excuse for not posting EVER.
Back to the living being slow and easy.... Life has been anything and everything except slow or easy. Jeff and I are both in the mission field, fighting daily: we're fighting against the world, Satan, evil, negativity. I've never been so tried in my life. I know that sounds silly, considering I live within a 5 minute bike ride from the beach, I have the best husband, I have a beautiful home (rental), I'm very healthy, and the Lord has chosen and equipped us for this time of battle. 
On a lighter note: 
Living in Hilton Head we are so close to so many neat areas. We've visited Savannah, GA, Jacksonville, FL, Atlanta, GA, Beaufort, SC, and duh- Hilton Head Island, SC. This area is so rich with history, stories, and unique opportunities and experiences. We've attended our first Oyster Roast, seen where Forrest Gump was filmed, gone to awesome shopping centers, and enjoyed lounging on the sandy shores of the Atlantic River. 

THE SOUTH- (thee sauth) noun.

1. Tea is sweet & accents are sweeter 2. Summer starts in April 3. Mac & cheese is a vegetable 4. Front porches are wide & words are long 5. Pecan pie is a staple 6. Y'all is the only proper noun 7. Chicken is fried & biscuits come with gravy 8. Everything is darlin' 9. Someone's heart is always bein' blessed.

We we're given a Low Country welcome basket when we moved down, and it included a picture frame with this written on it. We love it. Hope it shares a little taste of the Island living with you. 

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