Wednesday, April 20

Reminiscing: to indulge in enjoyable recollection of past events.  my beautiful bridesmaids.
Yep. Reminiscing. If you have already had a wedding, are currently planning a wedding, or have watched a friend fret over planning her wedding then you know how much it entails. There are so many little details that must be hashed out. Here is my advice... it really doesn't matter. I honestly don't even remember. All I know is I felt SO unbelievably loved, I felt beautiful, and the night ended and I had been transformed into Mrs. Thompson. I look back at pictures to jog my memory and help me remember exactly what everything looked like and exactly how I felt... funny, huh? Something that consumed my life for several months, you'd think I would have savored every last second of it. Nope. I remember the night ending by me being forced to run through a tunnel built by all my friends and family leading us out of the reception hall. All I could think is, seriously? It's over? Why didn't someone warn me? I wish I would have worn a watch (although, that is ridiculous), or a big countdown clock hanging somewhere.

Apparently we had a good time, uh? Like I said I like to look at these to remember to help me reminisce the day, that is said to be the, "the best day of my life". When else will we ever have a circle of people around us singing "Don't Stop Believing"? The answer- only at your own wedding. It's just not something that happens in real, everyday life.

This day was beautiful. It is my favorite day to date. The pictures were beautiful too, they help to capture the feeling and the atmosphere of this . I felt like I need to keep up with my posting. This is what has been on my mind. and what a great opportunity to show off our beautiful wedding, and the great work that our photographer did. When the wedding is 4 months past, you don't get to show wedding pictures anymore. The comments stop coming in on facebook, and I'm left looking at them reminiscing on what a great day it was.

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