Saturday, April 5

Easter Preparations.

My newest craft and holiday garland for Easter! The glitter "Happy Easter" garland is from Pottery Barn Kids, found here. The patterned bunny garland is inspired from this, that is now sold out. When I saw it I REEEALLY wanted it, but I also could NOT spend $50 total on Easter garland. It looked simple enough, so I made it!

Supplies: cute spring paper, twine, cotton balls, needle, glue, and scissors.

The hardest part was making a stencil of the bunny. I traced them onto the paper and cut out. I used 10 bunnies (2 of each pattern). I measured the twine, and decided how spaced out the bunnies needed to be. I used the needle and went through the front of one ear, and up the back of the next, then add a knot to secure. At the end I took one cotton ball and pulled apart and fluffed up, to make the cute little cotton tail. A dot of hot glue for the tail and your done. And it literally cost less than $1, compared to the $26 price tag at PBK. And maybe 30 minutes of my life.

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