Saturday, April 5

Five Months Old.

Sullivan turned 5 months on March 30th. 

At five months old....
As of March 10th you became a roller, then took a 2 week break, but it has become your favorite! You can roll from your back to your tummy, but haven't figured out the other way yet. You laugh so hard at things, it's the cutest ever! You weigh 13.3 pounds and we found out your head is in the 2nd percentile {little head like mom}! You still sleep well at night. The corner of your first tooth is starting to come in {bottom left}. You got sick for the first time on your 5 month birthday, throwing up and really weak. We were worried but you were such a champ. When mama works and you get a bottle, you hold it all by yourself! You reach and grab for things all the time, and you especially love electronics {phones and the tv remote}. 
We love you soo so much Sullie Girl. Xo

These pictures are a little blurry, and the shadowing is weird.

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