Monday, April 7

Starting Cereal Essentials.

We started giving Sullivan baby cereal Thursday, it's been so fun... but also ANOTHER learning curve in the world of baby raising. I felt like she was ready, she started waking some at night and she's become super interested in watching US eating.

1. Wakey Wakey Baby Cereal- The brand is Ella's Kitchen from Target. I get really great coupons from Target, because I joined their "baby club". The one I used was $3 off a purchase of $10 of Ella's Kitchen products. It's all organic and natural, plus reasonably priced. It got good reviews from other moms as well. I tasted it and it's actually pretty good.

2. Munchkin White Hot Spoons: I don't really care about the "safety" feature, I just thought they were good colors and simple. The rubber tips are nice, and not super curved, so it's easy to get the food out. I wasn't a huge fan of the bright, plastic utensils. Plus they are pretty cheap. Dishwasher safe.

3. Aden + Anais Burp Bib: I love all their products. I bought these and have been using as burp cloths since Sullivan was born. You can drape them around babies neck and there's a snap in the back to secure and it becomes a bib! I'm all about minimizing, so I love the dual purpose. And boy is a bib necessary, she gets super messy... something I'm going to need to cope with as we venture into eating solids.
4.  PBK Gingham Bowls: So cute. They have grips on the bottom so the bowls won't slide around. They are BPA free, and the perfect kid size. Dishwasher safe, but NOT recommended for the microwave, which is a slight down side. They are perfect for now though.

5. Playtex Training Cups: We aren't really using these much but just putting a little water and letting Sullivan play around with it. I read that 2 oz. of water a day is OK for babies. I also read that straw cups are better than sippy/tilt cups. Apparently straw cups are easier to learn, it eliminates the "tipping" step. With a sippy cup you have to hold, tilt, suck, and swallow. With a straw cup you just have to hold, suck, and swallow {no tilt/tipping}. It made good sense to me. I also read that you want to introduce a cup by 8 months old.

The weird thing has been her poop frequency has drastically decreased, and the consistency has also changed. I know rice cereals can cause constipation, and the cereal we have has both brown rice and whole grains. She's only pooped TWICE in 4 days, which before she was going FOUR times a day. I've stopped giving it to her twice a day, and am trying just in mornings. I'm nervous because its hard to diagnose a baby being constipated, because some can go 8-10 days without, and that's considered normal. It's so confusing to me! I don't know if I should stop completely and try again in a few weeks {when she's the recommended 6 months}.

If anyone has any advice or feedback by all means, share your experience!

I have some more fun products I've ordered/found for food making and feeding, and am excited to use them and post!

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