Thursday, March 27

Short Hair, Don't Care.

I finally did it. After growing my hair out for six+ years, I chopped it off and donated it! I originally started growing my hair out to donate it, but to be honest I started to like it... and got possessive. I procrastinated this haircut for three years. I really wanted to do something new, and when better to chop off all your hair than right after you have a baby, right? Part of me DIDN'T want to get the haircut right now, for that exact reason... everyone thinking it's a #typicalmom move. ha. Luckily I decided I didn't really care what people thought. 

I went into the salon with all my picture of "the look" I was going for {I really shouldn't bother, it never looks like Jennifer Aniston anyways}. Although I could have kept my hair pretty long and still donated the 10 inch minimum, I decided to go more drastic.

I donated my 15 inch {super thin} pony tail to Locks of Love. It was super easy, the salon I went to handled everything for me! 

Here's some pictures: before, during, and after! {So funny and random, but a friend happened to be at the salon too and took a few pictures! So great!} Also, excuse the creepy {school closet/bathroom where I use my breast pump} selfies. I just wanted to make sure I officially documented the length of my hair RIGHT before. 

J. Crew Factory tee//old J.Crew necklace similar here
Also- I didn't get highlights, haven't colored my hair in YEARS. 

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