Wednesday, March 12

Four Month Well Visit.

Yesterday we had Sullivan's four month well child visit. I should mention that I wasn't even at this appointment {I know, I almost died not being there} but Jeff {Daddy of the Year} took her and sent me the play by play through texts. We made this appointment forever ago, before I started back at work. The ONLY problem with my job, is that it's not salary nor do I get "sick days", if I don't work for any reason I don't get paid, so...

We're almost 2 weeks behind on her check-ups because we were in Cincy when she should have had her two month appointment. Yesterday was all pretty standard stuff. We did find out that her head is TINY. I put her baby fedora hat on {size 0-6months} and it looked like it could fit me {which it probably could, because my head is tiny too}. The doctor said {again} that Sullivan is simply a petite baby. Her head is in the 2nd percentile {15 1/4 inches}! What does that mean? Take a hundred babies and ONLY one baby would beat her for the title of smallest head. She weighs 12 pounds 11 ounces and she is 24 inches long. {there is a slight discrepancy in length, because apparently our hospital and pediatrician always have a one inch difference so based off her birth length and hospital measurements, she's 25 inches. WHO KNOWS!}

We found out that she will continue taking her blood pressure medicine {for her hemangioma} until around 10 months. In a couple months we will slightly increase the dosage. This treatment is not to get rid of it, but to prevent it from growing. She will probably have the hemangioma on her nose until she is in early elementary school. 

The shots went well. She only screamed for a couple seconds, and by the time they put the bandaids on she was already distracted by chewing on her hands... of course. 

Our pediatrician recommended that we wait as close to 6 months as we can before starting solids. He also shared this website, and said it had lots of good info, from Doctors... not random people's opinions {like me!} ha. I haven't gotten to really explore and look at it, but I figured I'd share.

Another exciting thing... Sullivan rolled over for the first time on Monday! She rolled three times from back to front. Today she rolled over twice from front to back. She's well on her way to moving. We've also had PERFECT weather this week, so lots of family walks. 

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