Saturday, March 8

Quarter of a Century.

Yep, I'm 25. I'd say I've accomplished a lot in my life already. I think I'm a little ahead of the game, and I like it. I am SO thankful that I met Jesus while still in high school, that I gave my life to Him early on. I didn't have to begin adulthood lost and hopeless. I was able to start my adult life and make all the important decisions that came my way, with Christ on my side. I was confident that I had a purpose.. to serve Him in all that I do.

So, instead of wandering into adulthood uncertain, confused, and searching- I got married, THEN graduated college, moved, started my career, ended my career, started a family, and then decided to move again {I believe it's what the Lord had for MY life, everyone's path is different}. I didn't have to experiment to find my purpose or path, because I have Christ lighting the way and walking with me through life.

As I reflect back on these 25 year, I feel proud and I feel blessed, very blessed. He has certainly provided in HUGE ways, and given me a lot of responsibility, even when I feel unworthy. If ALL of these things have happened in just the first quarter of my life, I am literally ecstatic about what the other three-quarters of life has in store {assuming my life span is 100 years- HA}.

I literally feel like I was twenty-four 12 yesterday. Time is going so quickly, Sullivan is growing up SO fast. I want to appreciate, rejoice, and serve EACH and EVERY day that I am given to add on to this 25 years.

great friends who threw me a SURPRISE birthday party! 
Sullie REALLY interested in my birthday breakfast pancakes

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