Friday, March 14

St. Patty's Day.

I used to care very much little about holidays, but I think that having Sullivan has made me want to celebrate EVERYTHING. I've recently been really excited about decorating for each upcoming holiday. I'm definitely thrifty and have to be selective with what I spend money on... so, when I see really cute decorative stuff, my first thought is always "how can I make or recreate this?" I don't like cliche and predictable decorations for holidays, but just simple, cute touches. I have especially been diggin' garland, it adds JUST enough festiveness to our home. I do wish we had a mantel to decorate and hang garland from, and as we are beginning to look at future homes... a fireplace/mantel is definitely on my {wish} list. 

Here's the DIY St. Patty's Day garland I currently have hanging from our kitchen pass-through window. These were super easy to make and I think it looks so fun! 

I actually got this quick "tassel" idea from the Factory J. Crew store. When they reset the floor for spring they had these cute, homemade tassels hanging above all the wardrobes. I loved it and made up my own process to recreate! I am also always on Etsy looking at all of the creative things people make. 

Quick directions for tassel garland: 1. measure twine and decide how many tassels you need 2. accordion fold cardstock {mine is standard sized paper, 8.5in by 11in cut in half horizontally} 3. staple the tops to keep secure and then fan out 4. take a thick sewing needle and twine and threaded through tassel {this can be difficult because of thickness} 5. put a not knot after each tassel to keep from sliding. 6. loop each end and tie and hang around clear thumb tacks 

Quick directions for gold glitter circle garland: 1. measure twine and decide how spaced you want the circles 2. punch out circles from the cardstock {I used this 2" circle craft punch} 3. using a large sewing needle thread twine through each circle 4. put knot to secure 5. repeat over and over 6. tie loops on both ends 7. hang around secured clear thumb tacks

I am no craft guru and I obviously didn't do a step by step pictures documenting the process. But please let me know if something is unclear or you have questions! 

You can see all my birthday cards displayed. When we move I want to come up with a cute way to display cards.

This weekend we are going to Hilton Head's St. Patty's Day parade, which will be a first for us! I'm so excited for Sullivan to have her first St. Patrick's Day celebration! Can't wait to share pictures. 

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