Wednesday, March 26


I had my wisdom teeth {all 4} out a week ago {from tomorrow}. Yes, I'm 25 and just now having them removed... why? because my childhood dentist was apparently not good at reading X-rays. I was told I was in the clear for getting my wisdom teeth extracted, but obviously not. I found out while I was pregnant that I needed to have them... how? because they were coming in! I needed to wait until I had Sullivan to go get the X-rays and get the ball rolling.

I didn't know what to expect with the procedure. I was NOT expecting to need an IV for the anesthesia. I HATE them! Surprisingly, the surgery took less than an hour. I was literally in and out in 45 minutes, that was also unexpected. 

I wasn't super funny afterwards, no David after dentist over here, but I did send a few funny videos to family/friends and had a good time in the Starbucks drive thru! The recovery was fine- I wasn't able to nurse Sullivan for 24 hours and I only ate soup and apple sauce for 3 days. A bruise showed up on my jaw on day 3 too. 

All in all I think I'm pretty lucky. No dry socket, pretty quick recovery, and minimal puffiness. I never  needed took any of the pain meds either, just toughed it out with Tylenol. Here's a series of embarrassing pictures of me after...

On another note, my mother-in-law and Jeff's aunt came for a long weekend. It was great to have them here and they were able to help with Sullivan while I took extra naps during my "recovery". It's crazy that they hadn't seen her since Christmas because she has changed SO much!

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