Saturday, March 1

Month Three & Four: Need-to-Haves


1. Bumbo Floor Seat: Now that Sullie Girl is sitting up {with support obviously}, it's been fun to put her on the counter while cooking in the kitchen, sitting at the dinner table with us while we eat, or in the bathroom while I'm getting ready {yes, we watch her carefully}.
2. Activity Very Hungry Caterpillar: This is super cute and so fun! I typically hang it from our baby carrier. It has so many fun features and it so bright. This always distracts baby, in the car and at the grocery store!
3. Burt's Bees Baby Bee Face & Hand Wipes: These are great, especially since Sullivan has discovered she has hands and loves to shove them into her mouth at any opportunity! I also started to realize that people love to touch babies hands... so now I'm constantly cleaning them. I also use these to wipe her face off when she takes her medicine {it's sticky and sometimes drips out of the corners of her mouth}.
4. HoMedics Sound Spa: I personally sleep to the sound of the ocean every night, and so Sullivan did for the first couple months of her life while she was still sleeping in our room! When we moved Sullivan to her room {right around 3 months} I knew I wanted something soothing for her and it helps drown out any other noises {although she doesn't typically wake from loud noises}. I put this on for naps and nighttime, and I think she's starting to make the connection that the ocean means sleep. Hopefully this summer she can stay awake when we go to the beach.
5. Philips In.Sight Wireless Baby Monitor: Once we moved Sullivan to her own room this was essential. To be honest, I'm not sure if this is the BEST video monitor out there, but I do recommend a video monitor of some kind! This monitor has to be hooked up through wifi, the problem with that is wifi {at least ours} is it can be so inconsistent sometimes. I worry that one night it won't work, and we won't hear our little baby crying since she's on the other side of the house. BUT I do like that we can use our phones from ANYWHERE. For nighttime, it has a feature "always listening" which is just audio. The monitor tells you the temperature and humidity of the room AND has a night vision feature, you can also set notifications but I got super annoyed by them.
6. Sophie the Giraffe Teether & Go GaGa Squeeze & Teethe Elephant: Since three months Sullivan began showing signs of teething. She drools EVERYWHERE and literally chokes herself by shoving her hand so far in her mouth. We were given Sophie the Giraffe as a gift {so thankful, because everyone says it's a must have item}. As a member of the Target Baby Club we get coupons in the mail, and one was $2.50 off Kiki the Elephant- so I figured why not! Sullivan loves both! She still doesn't have the best control over her hands, so they fall a lot but she really likes chewing on her "friends". They both have a squeaking feature, and she could take it or leave it. Overall, I like these as alternatives to her hand!

And as always, so pictures to prove these items are our faves...

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