Thursday, February 6

Happy Baby, Happy Life.

Since October 30th our life has NOT been the same... duh. We felt like we were prepared for life with baby, but no amount of preparation could have truly got us ready for what was coming. I always heard people talk about the sacrificial life of a parent, especially moms, but man was I naive. I didn't think about the everyday things that I can never just hop up and do. Simple things... going pee, taking a shower, cleaning, cooking, WORKING OUT. I am officially canceling my gym membership because let's be honest, when will I ever be able to go? The selflessness it takes to be a parent is unreal, until you experience it. I have to place someone else's needs above my own at all times. And as the selfish person I naturally am, this definitely doesn't come easy. But luckily the Lord has equipped and prepare me {everyone} to raise up a new generation and be parents, even if, like Jeff and I, you aren't necessarily planning or trying to become parents right this moment.

#Ourbabysullivan has been the sweetest, most incredible gift we've ever received. I still look at her and think how blessed we are to have been chosen as her parents. Obviously, we think she's perfect... but I genuinely believe that she is! She's such a fun and happy baby, she literally just smiles and squeals for hours every day. 

Sullivan's first captured smile at 5 weeks! 

Sullivan began sleeping through the night at 6ish weeks. Before that she only woke up once or twice in the night, so it was manageable. I read a book, Babywise, which I totally recommend to ANY soon-to-be parents. I honestly believe the principles we applied from this book largely get the credit for her being the way she is. I know every baby is going to be different, and I'm positive our next baby will be way more challenging {I like to use the word hellion} but I think this book is AMAZING. Obviously, take it with a grain of salt, and realize every baby won't fit perfectly into the examples in the book. For the first 3 weeks I wanted to know why my baby wasn't a mini clone of the examples given. Then I loosened up and realized it was a process. We worked {are continue to work} toward the goal of helping our baby be happy, predictable, content, and well rested.  

My shirt Jcrew Factory {similar here}//Baby's shirt from Carter {similar here}
Mudpie Leggings

H&M onesie

Dress: Island Child//Georgia&Jane Headband

Peplum Baby Gap Onesie 
She's just so happy, I can't help myself! 

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