Saturday, February 8

The Cloth Diapering Life.

Yes, we use cloth diapers! And yes, I love it! 

We made the decision early to invest in cloth diapering. We have friends who have successfully done it and I did my research {blog reading} to get more perspectives and opinions. We chose to go with Fuzzibunz, and I love them. They are so fun, colorful, and easy. 

Cloth diaper pros {for our family}: 
- Save money {Fuzzibunz has a great chart, here, that breaks down the savings for you}
- Good for environment
- Good for baby, no chemicals and artificial stuff going into them. Sullivan only gets diaper rash whenever she wears a disposable diaper
- Minimal leaks/blowouts 
- Super cute! 

Cloth diaper cons: 
- Wash routine every other day
- Using more water and energy {figured into the savings chart}
- Others don't know how to use/intimidating 
- Bulky 
- Not functional for out of town stays 
- Big money investment to start

1. Fuzzibunz One Size Elites 2. Rockin' Green Detergent 3. Kushies Diaper Liners 4. Ikea Trash Can
5. Planet Wise Pail Liner 6. Itzy Ritzy Wet Bag

My washing routine: 
1. I bought a trash can and a reusable pail liner. When we change a diaper we shake out the insert directly into the pail. Then toss the cover in too. 
2. When I have 5 diapers left {I have 16 total} it's time to wash! I pull the liner full of dirty diapers right out of the pail. And put a new liner in {I have two pail liners}. I take it all to the wash, dump it all in the machine, including the liner, and run a COLD soak with NO detergent. 
3. Next, run a HOT/COLD cycle WITH detergent. You can only use specific detergents with cloth diapers.  
4. I do one more cold rinse, just for good measure.
5. Separate the liners from the inserts. I line dry the liners, and put the inserts in the dryer on low heat. When it gets really warm you can dry everything outside AND the sun naturally bleaches the inserts.
6. Once everything is dry I pre-stuff the inserts with the liners and put them in the drawer where we do diaper changes. This is only for convenience.

Now, Sullivan is still strictly breastfed, apparently when babies start eating solids it's a game changer in the world of cloth diapering. I diaper liners for when we cross that bridge.

I also have a  wet bag, which is super cute and perfect for when we are out of the house. The diaper goes into the wet bag to keep the stink and and liquids sealed until we get home. 

How pretty is that! This is all of our diapers, washed, dried, stuffed, and ready to wear! 

See they're bulky, but so so cute//Pretty Little Elm Headband

We call her "big booty" and sing "I like big butts" ALL the time, ha... has anyone seen that Friends episode? 

As always please, please, pleeeease comment and let me know if you have any questions OR suggestions for me!

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