Friday, February 28

Four Months Old.

Striped Old Navy Dress//Headband

This little nugget turned 4 months old today... WHAT!? She is the happiest, most animated baby around {I'm not saying that just because I'm her mama either- other people say it too!}. We really can't believe that she is ours to raise and be responsible for. It's one of the most humbling experiences. The fact that the Lord has chosen us and given this gift to nurture and grow- it is unreal. We do not did not feel like we were ready to be parents, but each day that passes we feel like we are slowly being transformed! We love our new role and life as parents, and honestly can't remember what we did before having her.

It's amazing that it was this time A YEAR AGO that we found out we were preggerz!
But more about that later! 

Each month we have written a little note to Sullivan, all about what she has accomplished. Eventually it will all be compiled into a baby photo book like this

Four Months
You are still our happy baby! You don't fuss much at all, but if you do it's very easy to calm you. Your doctor says you are a petite, healthy baby. You are weighing in at 12.6 pounds. You love it when Mama and Daddy make silly faces and sounds. You have started taking a nice, looong morning nap {2 hours}!  You are drooling EVERYWHERE and we cannot keep your hands out of your mouth {you choke your self with them on accident}! Your jumperoo has officially become your favorite toy, even though your feet barely touch the ground. You really enjoy being outside and going on walks. Bath times with daddy is still one of your favorite times.
We love you soo so much Sullie Girl. 

Officially done with pictures. 

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