Friday, February 7

Random Issues We've Had.

It's so easy to make life seem perfect and have my baby appear to be the best thing ever {which, hello, she is...ha}. The reality is that it's not always a walk in the park and fields of flowers. But posting cute pictures is so deceiving because obviously I'm not going to post pictures of her screaming and I'm not really into airing dirty laundry as my Facebook status. 

Some of the problems and issues that have arose with both mama and baby...
**My first month postpartum, I struggled with baby blues. All the warnings I got seemed silly and I thought it was a joke. No joke people, the "baby blues" are a real thing. I couldn't believe they {the awesome nurses and hospital staff} just sent me home with a helpless baby. I was still recovering from a somewhat intense delivery {3 hr pushing session}, and thought "they" should send an in-home nurse or something to help with the transition. I had no previous experience with babies, especially newborns, so it was foreign territory for me and the husband. After 2 weeks I was feeling more stable {emotionally} but still very overwhelmed. By 4 weeks out I seriously told Jeff I as ready to have another baby- whaaaat? Now being 3 months out I know that I was created to be a mama, and I have so much confidence in myself and my decisions in regards to to our baby girl.

**I got terrible stretch marks at 31 weeks pregnant {yes, I cried when they showed up}. After the delivery my marks got real red and puffy and SO freakin itchy. I thought it was normal because my skin was "shrinking". Within a day or two a rash developed all over my upper thighs, waist, and even my arms! I finally called my doctor and apparently I had a unique case of postpartum PUPPP. I had to take some allergy medicine and it took a whole week to clear up.

**A hemangioma showed up on Sullivan's nose at 2 weeks old. These are reaaaally common in babies but not always in super noticeable places. It started swelling and getting bigger, which happens through the first year THEN it begins to reduce and eventually disappear. The doctors {and us} were concerned by the location of Sullivan's, near the corner of her eye and it was starting to swell/grow into her tear duct, so we decided to treat it. The first level of treatment is, get ready for this...  a blood pressure medicine! I was so nervous but it's been almost a month and she's had no negative side effects and the hemangioma has reduced in size, but it's definitely not going away anytime soon, which we're fine with- it's unique!

**Sullivan hasn't been a big weight gainer. She eats great {we breastfeed} but isn't gaining like other babies we know. Doctors say she's totally fine! People just kept making comments {FYI don't do that} and got me nervous about it. At her 2 month well visit she was in the 25th percentile for weight but 75th for height. So she's tall and skinny. Within the last month she's definitely put on weight though. I will be weighing her today actually at my breastfeeding support group {everyone should find one of these}.

**Her poop was green for 2 weeks! As a breastfed baby the poop is supposed to be mustard yellow, and was for the first 6 weeks then randomly turned all different shades of green and different textures. Guess what- the doctor said he doesn't worry about green, yellow, or orange poop! Hooray. Never in my life did I think I'd be talking about or CARE about poop.

**She has a herniated belly button- AKA an outie.

**She had an umbilical granuloma, which she had to have "burned" off 3 different times with silver nitrate. It causes her zero pain but stains her belly button blackish for forever. Good news, it's officially healed, which is reeeally great because the doctors were talking surgery if it didn't. 

We are blessed that all of these things have been/are minor and cause no concern or worry, especially since our little nugget wasn't breathing when she was born! Praise the Lord she is so healthy!
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Please feel free to ask any specific questions you might have! 

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