Sunday, February 23

Month Two: Need-to-Haves

1. Burt's Bees Baby Bee Shampoo & Wash: It smells SO great! After we give Sullivan a bath we always spend sometime smelling her {seriously}. We give her a bath almost every night and it doesn't dry out her skin at all. It is also gentle and tear free, which I'm sad to admit, but we know it REALLY is tear free. It's so nice to only have one bottle/product for bath time.

2. Baby's Journey Bath Hammock: We used it for her first baths on the counter in our kitchen, and now we use it in the bath tub. I am somewhat of a minimalist and HATE clutter and things that aren't easily concealed. This hammock folds up so perfectly and hides anywhere {under bathroom sink}. It's easy to travel with if needed. I just knew I didn't want one of those big baby tubs, and now I'm so glad I didn't.

3. Wubbanub Soothie Pacifier: At first we had the soothie pacifier with a clip/lanyard thing, but then found this. There are several reasons this is great. First, it's so easy to find when the pacifier falls; second, it adds a little weight to the pacifier which helps keep it in the mouth better; third,  Sullivan is able to grab it easier {although she ends up chewing on the stuff animal rather than trying to get the pacifier back in her mouth} and finally, she cuddles with her "friend" and it's SO cute!

4. Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump: On-The-Go-Tote: WE GOT THIS FOR FREE! Everyone check with your insurance company BEFORE registering or buying a breast pump. Recently, a lot of insurances are paying/reimbursing breast pumps! I didn't use this much for the first month or so, but as I started leaving Sullivan {for basketball games and going back to work a little} it was great! The black "purse" makes it so desecrate. I work at an elementary school part time and the students have no idea that the bag I carry around is my breast pump. I also love the battery pack it comes with, I've used this a lot in the car. Personally, I had to buy different sized flanges {the funnel piece}, because the standard size didn't work well for me, but no big deal. The cooler and ice pack that it comes with are great and add to the convenience.

5. Hooter Hiders Nursing Cover: I try to avoid breast feeding in public {personal choice}, but sometimes it's impossible. This has been perfect to hide under. It has a flexible "bar" in the neck line so that you can look down an easily see your baby. AND when we hang out with friends, rather than be exiled to a separate room for what seems like forever, it's been so nice to have this cover {as long as everyone is comfortable, knowing what's happening under}.

6. Pottery Barn Classic Mom Diaper Bag: I love this diaper bag. It's a bit pricey, but this isn't JUST a diaper bag, it's my new purse as well. I carry this bag everywhere I go with the baby. It took Jeff some time to understand and cope with the price tag, but now that he sees how much we use it, he's in support. Unlike a lot of diaper bags, it comes in neutral colors, so a man can carry it with dignity {your welcome- I've actually had guy friends comment on this being the diaper bag they want their wife to get too}, but it's also classy and cute. It includes a detached changing pad {which I use ALL the time} and has plenty of pockets and sections, so it's easy to stay organized. I had mine monogrammed at a local shop, with a bright turquoise encircled T {for ALL future Thompson children as well}.

7. Baby K'Tan Baby Carrier: This has been perfect for me, as a cheerleading coach and being on the go. On nights I have to take Sullivan to games with me, she spends over 6 hours in this thing and loves it. It's really convenient because it's already formed for you, there's no long pieces or strips of long fabric and no learning how to wrap. It also comes in different sizes so it will be a perfect fit for whoever is going to use it {this is also a minor downfall, because unless someone is your size, they can't use it}. When Sullie Girl is in this she instantly falls asleep, I think she feels like she's in the womb again. She's super close to me, hears my heartbeat, is rocked with each step, really tight, and warm.

Sullivan helping me coach while in the Baby K'Tan carrier!
Throwback to 4 weeks old- a different Baby K'Tan "wrap".

Sullivan sleeping with her Wubbanub- we call him "Cliff Dog"
Throwback to her very first bath ever- in her hammock! Baha... she loved it! {she seriously does LOVE bath time now}

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