Wednesday, February 19

Valentine's Day, gone wrong.

So this Valentine's Day.. I actually cared. Jeff and I are not the most sentimental people around, and aren't particularly into holidays. But this year, I was excited, I guess having a baby makes things more fun to celebrate. I woke up early and made a special breakfast, I felt super good! The heart shaped Dove chocolates melted too quickly but it was super cute. I am investing in this for the future and other holidays. Jeff, Sullivan, and I had plans to head to Charleston in the afternoon. Once breakfast was cleaned up, I went to go finish packing. As I'm in my bedroom, Jeff starts yelling at me from the kitchen. See the pineapple in the purple bowl? Well I threw away what we didn't eat... I know it's a little wasteful {sorry}. It's also important to mention that it was canned {50 cent} pineapple, not fresh.

Well, as I was being yelled at for throwing away the fruit, I got super angry too. Obviously our issues and argument were not JUST about pineapple... it's never really just about pineapple, riiiight? I refused to go on our trip {despite REALLLLY wanting to go}. The day was fairly miserable, and at about 6pm we finally talked. Jeff went out and came back with all the fixins' for fondue and flowers for me AND Sullivan. After that, I got the nerve to ask if it'd be possible for us to still go up to Charleston the next day...


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